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Things I’ve Learned: Joining a Guild

Joining a Guild

After working through The Artist’s Way, I was back in the studio making things and enjoying myself. I took a workshop on free-motion quilting and the instructor mentioned that it was great to practice on “charity quilts.” I had no idea what she meant and when I inquired, she told me about guilds and the quilts they made for different charity projects. I immediately started looking for a guild that would fit my schedule and location.

I found and joined The Everett Quilt Guild and was excited to hone my piecing and quilting skills on some charity quilts. But I also gained a great community of like-minded souls and teachers. So far going into year 2 with this guild I have learned about mystery quilts (with Bonnie Hunter), I have made half a dozen charity quilts and followed along with a year-long Block of the month. Each of these opportunities taught me so many new things and have kept me motivated to create.

There are several other groups and guilds in the area that I hope to get more involved with as well. They each have slightly different focuses and opportunities.

What guilds do you enjoy?

What benefits do you experience in belonging to a guild? 

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