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2020 Face Collection

During the 2020 year I plan to create a body of work in cloth with the goal of showing in galleries and publishing. I am Crowd-sourcing face photos to increase the variety of people to include. I am looking for all races, all ages and all genders. A good two decades ago I did PAPER Collage faces on windows and took all my own photos for that body of work. If I could travel around the world to photograph all my friends, I would… but… you know!

The Photographs: 

If you choose to participate you will take high quality digital pictures of you and/or a friend’s face to send to me for my artwork.

  • Lighting: Photos need to be in “good lighting” that means that we can clearly see your face but it is not washed out by too much light, or completely shadowed by not enough light. To make a good portrait some shadows are needed so if possible have an extra light source (it can be a lamp) pointing to the face from the front/left or right. Play with where the light is to get a variety of images. (I will post an example as soon as I have one.)
  • Cropping: Get in close to take this photo. I need only your face (with a little shoulder is OK). I don’t want to have to crop later as that diminishes the quality of the image. Get close to yourself or your friend. Selfies aren’t necessarily the best images, so have a friend help out.
  • Angle: The best image will have you facing mostly forward but with a little turn to the right or left.
  • Expression: I want this series to be “Emotional” but I am looking for the wide spectrum of emotions. Happy, sad, mad, frightened. Put on your acting “hat” and have fun. (Actual hats not recommended.)
  • Background: I need a blank background. A plain white wall is best.
  • Quality: Your phone and/or camera have settings that max out the quality we are looking for the highest dpi that your device can manage.


If you choose to participate, I will need “signed” releases from both model and photographer. I have made a handy form for you to enter your work and sign off. So just click here:

If you have any trouble with the form, you can email me your permission and photos to

Pay-Back AKA Compensation:

If I use your image and successfully create an artwork I will send you a color 8×10 digital print of the final artwork and you will have first dibs on purchasing said artwork. I know this isn’t a lot of compensation, but I hope that won’t keep you from participating.

I look forward to this experiment of Crowd-sourcing face photos and have no idea how it will work out, but I am excited to FACE this new challenge!

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