Creating in Captivity: May

May arrived and we were still stuck at home… the anxiety of the virus and the constant “breaking news” about everything… the lack of participation from my students in online school… it all started to wear me down. My mood and health started to sink pretty deep into darkness. I was creating less, watching more TV and eating… so much eating… After finishing my free motion class I just didn’t have any motivation or inspiration.

I decided for my Birthday at the end of the month to buy the Tula Pink 100 blocks book as a treat and hopefully a kick in the creative butt. I had my friends at Quilting Mayhem pull 30 fat quarters for me in Tula Pink and Kaffee Fassett. Then I signed up for a little June Challenge to make art everyday. I also was able to get outside and do some gardening. The color of my new fat quarters and some good old fashioned vitamin D cheered me up. Thankfully things have been trending upwards since then.


Author: Cynthia

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