The Finish Line 2018

Quilts and Projects I finished in 2018

Official count finished… 3

“No More Empty Desks” April 2018 


This quilt was started in February 2018 right after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It is a numerical history of injuries (yellow) and deaths (red) off all the school mass shootings since Kip Kinkle’s 1998 shooting. I was originally going to start with Columbine, since it was the one that occurred the year I was taking my master’s degree to begin MY teaching career… but decided to include the 1998 shooting to both give it an even 20 years time span, but also because there is some belief that The columbine was partially ‘inspired’ by the 1998 shooting. Originally I designed this with the thought/expectation of adding to it as school shootings continued. But I have not done so at this point. It has a school desk stitched into the blocks… before I really knew what I was doing with free motion quilting. This quilt has been in several shows, the first being the Art and Math show at the Schack Arts Center in Everett, Wa.


“Underwater Dance” Seahorse Quilt October 2018 22″ x 28″ 

This was created in my first “collage class at Quilting Mayhem. It is a Laurie Heine pattern. 

After doing the collage, I took my first free motion quilting class (also at Quilting Mayhem) and quilted it with my first all over meander.

It has also been in a few shows so far, including The Everett Quilt Show in 2019.

Ventiko (Peacock) Art Quilt 18″ x 22″

This quilt was started sometime in 2008, and finally finished in 2018. It includes a lot of hand beading as well as machine quilting. The title is based on the performance artist who attempted to take her peacock on a flight from NYC to California as her “emotional support animal.” Luckily she was denied.

It has also been in a few shows so far, including The Everett Quilt Show in 2018.

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