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Love Big

This week has been a wonderful challenge to start and finish this quilt for the new Project Quilting Quarantine Challenge! The theme this week is “Big.”

Right away I knew I wanted to try out letters… I haven’t ever pieced any letters, don’t have a pattern or a printer to download any. So I tore out some pages from a phone book I had laying around, looked at some online images and made my own paper piecing patterns. I have done enough paper piecing at this point to “get” how to make my own and only had to tear our ONE seam! Feel pretty good about that!.

After the letters were made I had to figure out what else to do… So break out the graph paper…

I decided a heart shape with a lot of white negative space, then scrappy background, in red to give the illusion of the heart. Break out the red and white scraps! and more paper for improve scrap piecing.

Luckily I am in an online free motion quilting class right now… and “graffiti” quilting is this week’s assignment. Feeling really brave and confident, I decided all the white areas should receive this type of quilting.

Thru a quarantine miracle, I dug thru my stash and found the perfect (heart themed) background fabric that was only a few borders short of the perfect size.

The graffiti quilting, while dense and time consuming was so FUN!!! I have always been a doodler, so once I just wrapped my head around the idea that this is *just* doodling with a needle and thread… then I was off and running.

Of course my machine and I have become very familiar with each other during the hours of daily sewing I have put it thru during our Covid-19 Lockdown. So it was not big surprise to find this little friends after only 1 day of sewing.

I have been cleaning pretty much every day or at least ever other day.

This 45″ x 45″ quilt is all done, bound and even has a label and a hanger on it already! Now to find an amazing place in my house to hang up this beauty. Pretty much my favorite quilt to date!




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