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Creating in Captivity: June

While we officially moved to “Phase Two” in our area… We still stayed pretty close to home. Still working from home and trying to limit trips to ‘essentials.’ I did go to the garden store a few times. My head was clearing up just as the weather turned back to rain, rain and more rain. But with school winding down, and my New Tula Pink 100 Blocks book, I was back in the creative groove.

I finished the Mushroom house art collage that was on my UFO list.

mushroom house collage

Bonita Amanita $150

Which inspired me to make several other new collages and to dig out an finish a few other ones that were waiting on binding and other finishing touches. Then suddenly I found myself with an opportunity to have my art on display in a cafe here in North Everett. (see Cafe Zippy Post) So I finished up over 25 pieces of fiber art, including some art dolls and got them all hung in my first show in a LONG time and my first ever Fiber Arts show.

I joined a mail art group and started making fiber postcards to send out. I finally got to quilting my Good Fortune quilt after sharing it in my online guild “hot seat” activity. (Anyone that wanted quilting plan feedback shared a picture and got suggestions both from Hollyanne and the rest of the guild.) It was inspiring and I jumped right into quilting it the next day.  I worked on my garden some more, built a patio and made a BUNCH of charity quilts.

Official Finishes for the Month of June: 

  1. BHMQ Good Fortune Quilt (2020 UFO # 2)
  2. Blossoming (collage art quilt)
  3. Bonita Amanita (collage art quilt)
  4. Contagion (virus art quilt)
  5. Introspection (collage art quilt)
  6. Radiance Dance (weaving art quilt)
  7. Sunbird Song (collage art quilt)

New projects and progress on… for the Month of June: 

  1. Rainbow Log cabin basting and quilting started
  2. Kaffee Slide Show basting
  3. Three new charity quilt TOPS (and cutting of 15 yards of new kids fabrics for more)
  4. More 100 Tula Blocks
  5. June Temperature Quilt Block
  6. New Rainbow Paint can/ Pride quilt started
  7. New BLM Moda Letter quilt started

Bring on July I am ready!

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