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The Finish Line 2022

It was not as productive of a quilting year as it has been the past few years. The quilt guild I have been in since 2018 lost enough member participation (due to covid related issues) that it decided to fold in spring. Then we got a new Saint Bernard puppy in April. I got a new job teaching ceramics at the high school in August/September. I also decided to paint a mural on my back yard shed this summer. These things caused me to be in my sewing studio a lot less this year. I still made some new things and finished some other big projects anyways! If my count is correct I finished 22 things! (many others are in close to done stages but that is a post for next year!

Finish Date Quilt Pattern/Name Finished Size
O1 01/09/2022 All the Colors Table Runner (Project quilting 13.1) 12″ x 105″
CQ1 01/13/2022 Flannel Charity Quilt 60″ x 80″
CQ2 01/15/2022 Nature Charity Quilt 45″ x 55″
A1 01/17/2022 Silhouette (Project Quilting season 13.2) 20″ x 28″
Q1 02/11/2022 One for The Money (kit) for Tammy 80″ x 90″
A2 04/09/2022 Xanadu One Block Wonder 45″ x 45″
Q2 05/08/2022 Entangled Husky 110″ x 110″
A3 06/01/2022 Pop Art Pups (gifted to Jen) 45″ x 45″
Q3 05/05/2022 Pink Kitty Quilt (gifted to Opal) 60″ x 80″
A4 07/09/2022 Improv Paper Piecing Pillow (class QM) 18″ x 19″
Q4 08/11/2022 Tula Pink Modern City Blocks 85″ x 85″
CQ3 08/21/2022 Horses Charity Quilt 60″ x 80″
Q5 05/05/2022 Heroes (gifted to Griffin) 60″ x 80″
Q6 10/01/2022 Flannel Animal Friends (gifted to Evie) 60″ x 80″
CQ4 10/23/2022 Preemie Charity Quilts x 4 25″ x 25″
A5 11/24/2022 Fall Modern Improv Quilt 42″x  47″
Q7 04/09/2022 Yellow Vintage Scrap Quilt (gifted to Kathleen and Alex)  60″ x 80″
Q8 05/27/2022 BHMQ Frolic (gifted to Nik) 70″ x 70″
CQ5 11/27/2022 Cars Kids Charity Quilt 45″ x 55″
CQ5+ 10/23/2022 Pastels Charity Quilt (pieced by the guild) 60″ x 80″
Q8 12/10/2022 Scrappy Halloween Quilt 55″ x 55″
A6 12/31/2022 Project Quilting Challenge Mystery Quilt 21″ x 40″


  • A= Art Quilts
  • B= Bags
  • CQ= Charity Quilts
  • Q= Quilts
  • O= Other 
  • T=tops

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