The Finish Line 2019

Quilts and other projects I finished in 2019

Official Count finished…. 16 quilts, collages and other projects….

Eye Spy (charity) Quilt Finished January 2019

I joined a guild in the fall of 2018 and quickly made charity quilts for our various charities. This one was made with the “My scraps went wild” pattern by Susan Mayer and is 55″ x 60″. This was my first time trying to make a LOT of circles and it was a challenging quilt for me at the time.

Fire and Smoke (charity) Quilt Finished Jan 2019

This one was made with the “Fire and Ice” pattern by Susan Mayer and is 60″ x 80″ This stack and wack style quilt was fun and easy and I have used this technique on a few other quilts. The title of this was related to the fact that the 2018 summer forest fires in CA, Easter WA and BC sent so much smoke to our area I developed a respiratory issue that summer. The colors I chose seemed to lend themselves to this idea.

“King Midas” Gold Rail Fence Charity Quilt Finished March 2019

This quilt is another charity quilt for my guild. I started it in December 2018 and finished in March 2019. It was a basic rail fence block that I looked up online and added borders to get it to the size required. This is 60″x 80″ These larger quilts were for a transitional housing project in Everett called Clair’s Place. Our guild made enough quilts for each new apartment in the complex. I think it was over 100 quilts… and for a guild of about 30 people that is a pretty impressive feat. The gold fabric in this quilt was left over brocade from when I helped my SIL create a Queen Amidala (Star Wars) Costume.

Frontier Block of the Month Finished June 2019

This quilt was started by my Aunt Joan sometime in 2005. My cousin sent the pieces over to me when she was cleaning out their old house. It had a few blocks completed and most everything cut out. Since it only had 9 of the 12 blocks I had to improvise to put it together. I did this as “Quilt as you go” so that I could play around more easily with free motion designs. Each block was 16″ square. I received it in May of 2018 and finally finished it and mailed it off to my aunt in June 2019. There was a long gap of not working on it as I tore my rotator cuff in August 2018 and had surgery in April 2019. She was thrilled to receive it and it was a labor of love.

Dr. Seuss charity quilt Finished June 2019

I had collected A LOT of different children’s novelty prints over the years. Possibly because my first quilts over 20 years ago were baby quilts for my nieces and nephews. But also because my dog Charger looked super handsome in scarves. The novelty prints were the most fun for these scarves. Dr. Seuss is a favorite so I ended up with a lot. By this time I had started a LOT of quilts… and found the American Patchwork and Quilting’s UFO challenge. This was one of those finishes. And another quilt to give to our guild’s main charity, “Firehouse Quilts” These quilts are given to the fire chief to give out to emergency and fire victims.  started this one in November 2018 but didn’t finish until June 2019.






Halloween Scrap Quilt Finished November 2019

This 50×50″ quilt I started in July 2019 and finished in November. I thought I would give it for our charity quilts, but found out after the fact that “holiday” of any kind were not allowed. I have SO MANY Halloween fabrics I will be able to make MANY quilts. This one I plan to give my niece who was the flower girl at our Halloween themed wedding this year.

Raven Purse

Another project inspired by the UFO challenge… these were some small fabric collages I had made probably a decade ago. They sat with unfinished edges in a bag.. and a Vogue pattern for purses was located in the same organizing binge. So I decided to turn these old collages into bags. The first one went so well, it was so easy and I loved it so much, that I decided that all of my old unfinished little fabric collages would probably become bags.

Quirky Bird Bag

Here was another OLD languishing collage that I turned into a bag. It perfectly fits my laptop.

Wonky HashTag Quilt Finished August 2019 

Once my shoulder healed enough I had a very busy summer. This quilt I designed off a few I saw online and called it Wonky Hash tag. I love reverse engineering things I see online. For this one I used a layer cake pack called “Day In Paris” and it was specifically selected and made for my college niece to warn up her new dorm room. This was started in July and finished in August and gifted in September. Perhaps one of my fastest start to finish for a full sized quilt. It was about 55″x 65″ when finished.

Have a Heart Finished December 2019

This one was made for the other niece. It is based on the pattern is Have a Heart by Michelle Watts, but I improvised the edges and adjusted the sizing. It is designed for jelly rolls, but I mostly used scraps. Purple is our mutual favorite color. This finished at 52″ x 72″


Frida Kahlo Portrait Finished December 2019

This is a project I started during an online fabric face collage class back in 2003? I got very hung up on the eyes and then the quilting. So it also sat around for a very long time. While it was the UFO number called to be done in May, I didn’t actually finish it until the bitter end of December when I was rushing to finish ALL 12 of the UFOs that I wrote on my list. This piece was accepted into a show that was supposed to be at the Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale. It received an honorable mention from the judge. Sadly due to Covid-19 the show was postponed.

Galaxy Collage Finished August 2019

I made this little art quilt to be for a show… but then the size wasn’t right. I will probably turn it into a bag eventually.

Some other little projects I finished this year.. but didn’t photograph include: 

Butterfly Place mats: a very old pattern that had been sitting around for years. Kitchen Apron: one of those printed fabric patterns, also sitting in the projects to do for many years. Some Monster Rag Dolls that I began at an “Artfest” long ago and never finished. A Lace Kit bought at a crafts fair and never done. These are projects I dug up while making my UFO challenge list and succeeded in finishing  during the year.

Quite a few other things were started this year as well…but I will list those when they are officially finished! I was pretty much in my studio every day and hours every weekend sewing.

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